Rosalind Weinberg Consultant

Rosalind Weinberg

Lifestyle and Personal Branding Consultant
United Kingdom
$ 150/hour
  • Life Coaching
  • Image and Style
  • Personal Branding
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Remote Working

Rosalind Weinberg is a lifestyle and personal branding consultant, influencer, and founder of The Influencer’s Diary. Rosalind specialises in life coaching for young women, helping them live a healthy, enjoyable and passionate lifestyle, enabling them to set goals and create a clear vision for their future ahead.

Rosalind believes that we should all live a life of fulfilment, where we wake up every day excited for the day ahead, whether it’s the weekend or a Monday morning. She’s driven to help others understand their life purpose, help them put their goals into place, guide them on the journey to learning and understanding the art of self-promotion and step into the light.

As a personal branding consultant, influencer and public speaker, Rosalind will be able to help you identify what your personal brand should be, based on your natural strengths and personality, and how to actively communicate this to others. This will allow you to influence more easily those around you, raise your profile, expand your network and attract new career opportunities.

Having a brand, sharing a message and connecting online is in Rosalind’s DNA. She became the Editor of MTV’S Verge magazine aged 17 and went on to launch her first business a few years later. She has worked with numerous brands including L’Oréal, Huawei, Olay, Holland and Barret and more.

Believe in star signs? Well take our word for it when we say Rosalind is a true Aries. She is honest, upbeat and once she sets a goal, she makes sure she always achieves it.

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