Michaela Merk Consultant

Dr Michaela Merk

Wellbeing Consultant, Expert in Success Management
$ 350/hour
  • Positive Psychology
  • Emotional Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Success Management
  • Career Management
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Inspirational Communication

Michaela Merk is a wellbeing consultant and is a top-class international expert in success management, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and inspirational communication to help her clients to enhance their lives and shape their future. While excellence in communication skills, leadership and relationship intelligence in business are the main fields of her consulting activity, she has helped many individuals to grow, unfold their true talent and dare to pursue the success and happiness they always dreamt of. Besides, she is certified in the use of highly recognized and robust tools that allow in-depth analysis of our clients’ profiles.

Michaela is German and has been living in Paris for 25 years, where she worked in leadership positions and guided senior managers of influential global brands such as L’Oréal, Dior, Hermès, Vacheron Constantin or Four Seasons Hotels.

Along with her consulting practice, operated through her company Merk Vision, Michaela is a professor in management and marketing and obtained her PhD at Sorbonne Business School. She teaches or has taught at ten leading business schools and universities in Europe, Asia, America, the Middle East where she also helped young professionals find their career path and follow their dreams. In her role as coach, trainer, keynote speaker, author and professor she has inspired over 100 000 people across the globe for over 15 years in English, French or German.

One of her main inspiration sources is her over 100 trips and expeditions to the most extreme parts of the world, living with and observing still authentic tribes, learning from researchers like Jane Goodall about wildlife and exploring still active volcanoes in remote parts of our beautiful planet.

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