Consulting by Deirdre Perquy
• Healthy Nutrition
• Core Strength
• Postnatal Fitness
• Weight Loss Fitness
• Work–Life Balance
• Ankle and Knee Stability
• Workplace Wellbeing
Rate per hour: 150.00 USD

Deirdre Perquy, Wellbeing Consultant (Belgium)

Deirdre Perquy is passionate about sports and wellbeing. She has acquired a wealth of experience in teaching sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle and loves to share her knowledge with others. Deirdre also has a lot of experience in teaching core, ankle and knee stability workouts to sportspeople, colleagues and clients to promote health and wellbeing. She also works with students and other young people helping them to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle during their often difficult exam periods.

As a woman and a mother, she knows how hard it can be to recover from pregnancy and as such, helps women train their postpartum body in order to regain their confidence and strength and feel good overall.

Deirdre plays lacrosse for the Belgian Women’s National Team and competed at the European Championship in 2015 as well as the World Championship in 2018. She also coached her team in Ghent (Belgium) for four years and through this, learned how to perform at her best level.

With a Masters in Law, she currently works as a Public Affairs Officer for UNICEF Belgium. In her spare time, she loves to travel and enjoys many sports including lacrosse, snowboarding, hiking and fitness training. Deirdre loves cooking and likes to experiment with healthy gluten free recipes. She is a happy, bubbly individual who will expertly guide you through your health and wellbeing journey. Deirdre speaks French, Dutch and English.

Wellbeing Courses by Deirdre Perquy

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