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Meditation A Powerful Tool for Wellbeing

This course is recommended to those looking to learn how to meditate successfully for a more energised and enjoyable healthy life.
Caroline Desmarais
1h 38min

About this Course

Meditation is often seen as something achievable only by those who have dedicated their whole lives to the practice. But anyone can meditate, and Caroline Desmarais proves that by learning the fundamental principles of meditation, practicing inner silence and listening to our true selves, our meditative practices can help us live the lives we’re striving for, reaping the physical, emotional and spiritual rewards.

Learning outcomes

Participants of this course will learn how to awaken their true self through the power of meditation. Learners will discover the origins of meditation as well as the latest scientific research that demonstrates the benefits of this ancient practice. This course also teaches how to cultivate self-love and creativity and how to break free from a conditioned pattern of behaviours that prevent us from living to our full potential.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for anyone who feels that taking the time to pause, meditate and reflect could help them feel less stressed, with more energy, a greater sense of happiness, focus and creativity, achieve more fulfilling relationships and live a healthier more enjoyable life.

Course format and duration

This is a 1h 38min online course split into 6 training modules.

Course Content

Course Introduction (5:34)

Module 1: The principles of meditation

Lesson 1: What is Meditation? (3:29)
Lesson 2: The Scientific Benefits of Meditation. (2:42)
Lesson 3: The Antidote to Stress. (3:52)
Lesson 4: Inner Silence. (2:32)
Lesson 5: Our True Self. (6:28)

Module 2: Mantra based meditation

Lesson 1: What is Mantra? (3:13)
Lesson 2: How Do We Repeat the Mantra? (3:20)

Module 3: Perfecting your practice

Lesson 1: Choosing Your Mantra. (3:52)
Lesson 2: Preparing to Meditate. (7:27)
Lesson 3: When to Meditate. (3:30)
Lesson 4: How to Meditate. (14:12)
Lesson 5: What Happens During Meditation. (5:31)
Lesson 6: Practical Considerations. (3:36)

Module 4: Create your dream life through meditation

Lesson 1: Self Inquiry. (3:58)
Lesson 2: Setting Intentions. (1:25)

Module 5: Deepening your practice

Lesson 1: Self Love. (4:18)
Lesson 2: Lightness of Being. (2:21)
Lesson 3: Gratitude. (2:50)
Lesson 4: Recapitulation. (4:54)

Module 6: Additional benefits

Lesson 1: Consciousness. (3:09)
Lesson 2: Wellbeing. (4:12)
Lesson 3: Congratulations. (1:12)

Course Instructor

Caroline Desmarais, Life Coach

Consulting by Caroline Desmarais
  • Life Coaching
  • Meditation Methods
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Family Wellbeing
  • Children’s Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Confidence and Motivation

Caroline Desmarais, Life Coach and Wellbeing Expert (United Kingdom)

Caroline Desmarais is an Executive Life Coach, Certified Meditation Teacher, Speaker, Author and Philanthropist based in London, England. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, she has lived and worked in several countries including Bermuda, Italy, Spain, the United States and Australia and is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Caroline holds a Bachelor of Philosophy from Skidmore College, in New York, and a Law Degree from the University of Ottawa. For over ten years she had a successful career as a Media Executive, specialising in Business Development and Sales. She was the Chief Executive Officer of a technology start-up in Montreal. Subsequently she was recruited as the Chief Development Officer of Bermuda Press Holdings, a publicly traded Media company in Bermuda. Caroline has experience hosting shows both on television and online.

Caroline went on to found Inspired Global, a High-Performance Coaching company that enables people to strategically improve the quality of their lives and the profitability of their businesses through Executive and Life Coaching. Caroline’s approach is to inspire her clients to be the CEOs of their own life, systematically achieving their goals and building their dream life. She is a certified Meditation teacher with the Chopra Centre in California and encourages her clients to build a meditation practice that fits with their lifestyle given that it is such a powerful tool for success and happiness.

Caroline is the Co-Founder of Mothersphere, an empowerment network for mothers She is currently co-authoring “A Journey Through The Mothersphere” in partnership with UN Women UK to be released in 2021, which takes a look at motherhood from many angles and encourages mothers to prioritise their wellbeing and fulfil their sense of purpose.

Featured Reviews

Ciara (Ireland),
May 12th, 2021

Ciara (Ireland), May 12th, 2021

“I’ve always been nervous of meditating because I thought it would be too difficult but Caroline has taught me that I can do it!”

Maya (Norway),
May 17th, 2021

Maya (Norway), May 17th, 2021

“I’ve tried meditation courses before, and never really “got it”. Caroline’s calm, gentle manner and dedication has finally helped me to learn how to meditate – thank you so much!”

Ruby (UK),
June 14th, 2021

Ruby (United Kingdom), June 14th, 2021

“This course has inspired me to meditate regularly because I realise now how crucial it is to my health and mental wellbeing.”

Chloe (UK),
June 25th, 2021

Chloe (United Kingdom), June 25th, 2021

“I was so stressed and worn out by life, but this course has helped me to press pause and learn to love and respect myself and I can already feel my creativity and old self coming back. Thank you, Caroline!”
Meditation A Powerful Tool for Wellbeing
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