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Beginner to Fitness Course for Women Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

This course is for women who are new to exercise and are looking to discover the benefits of exercise as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.
Emma Titelbaum
2h 20min

About this Course

Exercise is an important aspect of living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. But knowing where to start can be overwhelming. There’s a seemingly never ending supply of online fitness trainers, apps and social media exercise gurus. But which one is right? Join Emma Titelbaum as she uses her wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through the benefits of exercise and how to find the right fitness journey for you.

Learning outcomes

Participants of this course will learn about the benefits of regular exercise and how it can support both physical and mental health. Learners will discover the many different forms of exercise and which ones are best suited to a healthy female body. This course also gives practical advice on fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle and how making time to exercise can be made easy. Participants will receive a guide to creating a personalised exercise programme and a set of beginner exercises that can be completed at home.

Who is this course for?

This course is for women who consider themselves beginners to exercise. It could be that you have never exercised before or you simply do not feel strong in fitness and would like a gentle approach to guide you into getting physically fit. It provides useful and inspiring advice on the importance of exercising as part of a healthy lifestyle and gives practical tips on starting a successful fitness journey with beginner workouts you can do anywhere.

Course format and duration

This is a 2h 20min online course split into 4 training modules.

Course Content

Course Introduction

Module 1: Women’s physical activity for lifelong wellbeing

Lesson 1: Appreciate your body (03:58)
Lesson 2: Physical benefits of regular exercise (06:19)
Lesson 3: Psychological benefits of regular exercise (04:33)

Module 2: Understanding the female body and exercise

Lesson 1: The relationship between hormones and exercise (07:37)
Lesson 2: Physical activity and exercise for optimum hormonal response (12:29)
Lesson 3: Examples of cardiovascular exercise (10:03)
Lesson 4: Examples of strength exercises (11:09)

Module 3: Your physical activity program

Lesson 1: Physical Activity Program Considerations (05:14)
Lesson 2: Designing your program (04:48)

Module 4: Beginner workouts you can do anywhere

Lesson 1: Warm up (10:39)
Lesson 2: Full body mini workout 1 (17:38)
Lesson 3: Full body mini workout 2 (16:41)
Lesson 4: Full body mini workout 3 (17:01)
Lesson 5: Cool down (07:32)

Course Instructor

Emma Titelbaum, Fitness and Lifestyle Expert

Bodyweight Exercise Instructor Emma Titelbaum
  •   Women’s Fitness
  •   Fitness Nutrition
  •   Fitness at Home
  •   Bodyweight Exercise
  •   Core Strength Fitness
  •   Workout Choreography
  •   Pre and Post Natal Fitness

Emma Titelbaum, Fitness and Lifestyle Expert (United Kingdom)

Emma grew up as a gymnast and went on to compete in fitness competitions around the world before refining her talents, education and experience to develop a successful 3 step

formula for female fitness. Emma’s formula to a fit and healthy body focuses on 1) Nutrition 2) Fat burning with bodyweight exercise and 3) Sculpting with bodyweight exercise. Her career highlights have included winning fitness contests, competing worldwide, presenting for fitness TV programmes, coaching celebrities through their body transformations and developing a unique bodyweight only training method that you can view examples of on her Instagram page.

When Emma began her fitness career as a personal trainer, she was first headhunted by Third Space Gym (London) and soon after she was promoted to manage their team of trainers. With a hunger to develop her own style more freely and utilise her learnings at Third Space she went on to open her own personal training studio. Both the studio and Emma became well known within the fitness industry as it soon became the chosen training place for local celebrities and WAGS.

The positive press the studio received along with Emma’s continued work as a fitness presenter left her in good stead to leave the bricks and mortar behind and fly solo again coaching an exclusive group of women she refers to as her ‘fit girls’, whilst working on additional projects that align with her overall goal of leading women to sustainable fitness and wellness results.

With nearly ten years experience and hundreds of women whom she has helped to achieve strong and healthy bodies, Emma is passionate about her formula, not just for the way it makes women look but also how it makes them feel. She believes that with a positive mindset and a good coach you can achieve anything.

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Featured Reviews

Victoria (UK),
May 12th, 2021

Victoria (United Kingdom), May 12th, 2021

“As a female in my 40s I’ve always been able to manage my weight with diet alone. Now it’s getting more difficult but with Emma’s teachings, I now understand the importance of exercise for my physical wellbeing and have already started putting her words into practice. Thanks Emma!”

Petra (Germany),
May 9th, 2021

Petra (Germany), May 9th, 2021

“Wow. I’ve always been scared to exercise as I’ve felt intimidated by gyms, but now I know how important it is and I plan to start exercising at home this weekend.”

Hannah (UK),
June 6th, 2021

Hannah (United Kingdom), June 6th, 2021

“I’m totally new to exercise but having suffered with poor mental health, I read that exercise could help me, I just didn’t know where to start. This course taught me how I can get started slowly and easily, and Emma has given me some tips on how I can exercise indoors until I feel more confident. I really recommend it to anyone who thinks they can’t exercise.”

Laura (Canada),
June 26th, 2021.

Laura (Canada), June 26th, 2021.

“This course is amazing and Emma speaks clearly and passionately on the benefits of exercise and how you can start. I even told my sister about it and she’s going to do the same course!”
Beginner to Fitness Course for Women Leading a Healthy Lifestyle
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  • 4 training modules
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