How to Create a Cleaning Schedule that Works for You

Some people seem to have their home in show condition all the time, while others struggle to keep on top of the washing up. Most of us dream to have a clean, tidy, organized house, but it can be difficult to stay motivated and on-track with the housework when there are so many other demands on our time. So how do we create a cleaning routine that makes our house glow, even when we are not expecting visitors?

Step One: Write All the Tasks Down

Everyone’s home is different, so the tasks that might make one house squeaky clean might leave another house looking untidy and unloved. At the same time, they might have cleaning jobs that just don’t make sense in your house. So the very first thing to do when creating a cleaning schedule is to go through every single room in the house and write everything down that needs doing on a regular basis, as well as one-off jobs that might need doing every six months. It will be a long list and it might look overwhelming, but it won’t stay in that format for long.

Step Two: Consider Your Lifestyle

If you are at home most days, then it might make most sense for you to clean little and often throughout the week. However, if you work long days in an office, you might not have the energy for housework every single day. In that case, you could save a day at the weekend to blitz the entire house. Or perhaps you would prefer to do a combination of both.

Step Three: Put it All Together

Write yourself a plan of what you can commit to daily. If it is just a quick hoover round the front room, that is fine. Then write down what you’d like to complete weekly and finally, monthly. This is your to-do list. It should be an achievable target that fits with your lifestyle. As time progresses, you might find new jobs to add to your list – your schedule should be flexible in order to allow for unexpected events.

Step Four: Decide on Your Method

Some people will clean all day, every day, and that is fine if it works for you. However, it might be easier for you to set yourself a timer – especially for your daily cleaning jobs. Give yourself ten minutes/half an hour/two hours, whatever fits into your schedule and then make sure your alarm is nice and loud. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve under pressure and how you are able to ignore distractions knowing that your time is running out to get things done.

For some, it is more convenient to focus on a room a day. They will do whatever they need to do in that room and then close the door on it when they have finished. Make sure to get other family members involved. You can write tasks on a piece of paper and then put them in a jar and get them to pick one out each day. If the onus is all on you, then be kind to yourself – you can’t clean the whole house top to bottom every day!

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