What is Happiness and How do we Get it in Uncertain Times?

It is the ultimate goal for many: the state of happiness. Happy people are thought to experience more positive emotions than negative ones and are generally calm and contented with their lives. While that might sound like a fantastic mental state to have, some find it tricky to reach that ideal, especially in these times of pandemic.

How Do You Achieve Happiness?

For some people, being happy is easy. In uncertain times like these, however, even the most cheerful people can find it difficult to maintain that positivity. It might help to know that happiness is something that we cultivate from within, so even in a lockdown situation, you can still find your happy place. Here are some suggestions to make every day a little bit brighter.

Concentrate on your stress levels

A little bit if stress is actually good for the brain, challenging it and helping it to step up in important situations. However, if the stress is getting on top of you, it can have detrimental effect on your happiness. Perhaps you could benefit from a little light exercise, yoga or meditation - all are fantastic ways to reduce stress and find your inner zen.

Do things you love

Alcohol and junk food might seem like the solution when you are feeling down, but these both give you a temporary buzz that can actually make you feel even worse afterwards. Instead, try to think of things you love to do and prioritise them in your life. Whether its singing and dancing, cooking, sewing, reading, or going for long walks with friends and family, if it brings you joy, do it more often, within the most current lockdown rules, of course!

Force yourself into a positive mindset

Human beings, are, by nature, incredibly hard on themselves. We find it so easy to put ourselves down when things do not go our way and are guilty of telling ourselves that we are not smart enough, not thin enough, not confident enough. The put-downs are endless. To be happy, we need to change our way of thinking. Next time you catch yourself being mean to yourself, stop. Instead of telling yourself that your stomach is too fat, for example, concentrate on your fantastic smile, or beautifully shaped calves! For every reactive put-down, replace it with something good and see how quickly your mood will change.

Live healthy

We know we should eat well, sleep well and exercise more, but it does not always come easily. However, once your body starts to feel healthier and more energized, you will find your mood lifts too. You will also notice positive changes in your body, which will give you more ammunition against those negative thoughts! This is even more important in a lockdown situation, when you are likely to be less active than usual.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the ride and make the most of every opportunity – what works for someone else might not work for you, but the above tips should help to get you on the right road to success. Every day might not be fantastic when you are missing your loved ones and daily routine, but you can still embrace every minute.

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