How Do You Know if You’ve Got the Right Life Balance?

Getting the right work-life balance is something that we should all be striving to achieve. We need to work in order to maintain the lifestyles that we want, but we don’t want to be working so hard that we are too exhausted or time-poor to enjoy our lives. If we have families, that balance becomes even more precarious as our priorities change. So, how do you know when you’ve got it right?

You Know What’s Most Important to You

Everyone has different priorities, which is why everyone does not have the same healthy work-life balance. For some, exercise is their passion and so they will spend hours at the gym or sports club and very little time at home. Others have young children, while some people are ambitious for their careers. Having your priorities in order means you know what makes you happy and you work to maintain that.

You Leave Work at the Office

Knowing how to switch off from work is a great indicator that you have your balance right. Even if you work from home, you should be able turn off your laptop and focus on something that makes you happy. It is normal to worry about things that have happened throughout the day, but generally work should be left in the office.

You Make Time for You

Even if you just manage half an hour of your favourite TV programme or you curl up on the sofa and read a book, that is essential escapism time. It gives you a little break to recharge and unwind. Perhaps you might do some yoga, spend time with your partner or meet up with friends – whatever makes you happy.

You Know When to Say No

This is one of the trickiest things to get right. You don’t want to say no too often or you will never get that promotion, your friends will stop inviting you to do things and you may get bored! But saying yes to everything isn’t possible either – you can only do so much. The key is to say yes as often as you can without over-exerting yourself. If saying yes will have a negative impact on your life, then it is best left to someone else.

You Can Go with the Flow

Routine is great, but sometime life just doesn’t fit into you daily plan. Having some flexibility in your life will help you to adjust when unexpected occurrences happen, so that you can embrace change without fear. The thing with getting the balance right, is that you learn that some days feel more balanced than others.

The most important thing is to make sure you never compare your ‘balance’ with someone else’s. What works for them might not work for you. It is also a good idea to recognize that your needs and wants might change over time, so your current balance might not always be suitable. However, if you are meeting the above points right now, then you are doing a pretty great job!

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