From Stressful Life to Best Life – The Vitacodis Story

Have you ever seen somebody on social media or the television who just seems to have it all in order, and thought, “Why can’t my life be so easy”? If you have, you are not alone. Many of us feel that way. We would love to feel good, happy and “together” all the time.

But not all of us that feel that way do anything about it. We just carry on regardless, rushing from one end of the week to the other, ticking off each day as it is done before collapsing, exhausted, into bed. In order to get by, we rely on our ‘crutches’ to take the pressure off, such as caffeine, junk food, alcohol and cigarettes, only for them to make us feel worse in the long run, and we don’t even recognise it.

The founders of Vitacodis were feeling the same strains. Having just finished one of their high intensity and stressful businesses projects, they were all reeling from a stressful few months when they didn’t seem to stand still for long enough to breathe, let alone take in what surrounded them.

They’d recently completed a very demanding project, delivered what was requested by their Swiss client and decided to take a two day break. These three exhausted and emotionally drained senior business consultants were hiking on the shores of Lake Léman in Switzerland. During one stop, they took in the breathtaking scenery of the crystal clear waters and the magnificent peaks of the Alps, took a deep breath and had an almost simultaneous a-ha moment.

This was it! Why should life be an endless cycle of rushing around, stress, worry, pressure, feeling guilty and not being able to spread ourselves as thinly as we like? Why can’t life simply be more simple? There is more to life than the emotional and physical effects of stress they realised, and a few months later, Vitacodis was born.

With physical and emotional health at the centre of everything Vitacodis has to offer, we are a wellbeing company specialising in online education, experiential learning events and wellness retreats.

Simplifying life does not have to mean being less productive or successful. In fact, far from it. It means learning the tools and finding the resources we need for the wellbeing foundations for a long and happy life. Through our online courses, one-to-one consulting and residential retreats we help individuals, families and groups improve their physical and emotional wellbeing, allowing them to live a content, fulfilling and productive life.

We are ideal for anyone looking to pick apart and improve on a wide range of life’s hurdles, from nutritional, social and financial wellbeing, to enhancing physical activity and individual aspects of health pertinent to females, males, children and family life.

If you’re looking for solutions to the areas of your life that you can’t quite get a grasp of or are causing you upset, stress or anxiety, then Vitacodis is for you. Browse our growing range of wellness courses and consultants and find the answers you are looking for to enable you, and your loved ones, friends and colleagues, to live your best lives. Because we believe that you deserve to.

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