Vitacodis Mission

Vitacodis is a wellbeing education and technology company. Our mission is to connect health conscious individuals and families with wellbeing practitioners from around the world – no matter where they’re located.

We pair individuals, family groups and corporate teams with wellbeing experts who specialise in a wide range of abilities and attributes. Through wellbeing techniques we allow our clients to feel physically and emotionally well and take with them the skills for a long-standing positive mental attitude.

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Through a unique programme of online education, experiential learning events and purpose-built web technology, we offer a comprehensive and versatile curriculum of wellbeing options for individuals, families and companies.

Our online courses, consulting and retreats cover an extensive range of wellbeing topics. From individual female and male health concerns to family, nutritional, financial and social wellbeing, we help individuals, families and groups learn to unpick the issues they’re struggling with and give practical solutions for resolving them.


We are proud to work with a network of leading and innovative practitioners from across Europe and North America. Our specialists have the expertise and dedication to wellbeing needed to make our clients feel well and live a more positive and rewarding life.

Vitacodis experts cover a broad range of subjects as varied as family wellbeing, mental health, nutrition, physical wellbeing, image and style, work efficiency, digital wellbeing and more. So whatever physical problem or mindset struggle someone may have, our network of highly skilled experts can help.


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