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Wellbeing Academy

Online learning for a happy, healthy, and positive life

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Wellbeing Retreats

Getaways to explore wellbeing in breath-taking settings

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Wellbeing Consulting

Online sessions with leading wellbeing practitioners

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Upcoming Events

Advisory Board Meeting

Brussels, Belgium, 11-12 of March 2021

Defining wellbeing programmes and plans for the future

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Wellbeing Retreat

Salzburg, Austria, 25-29 of October 2021

A week-long retreat for individuals in a luxurious alpine setting

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Positive Life Summit

Milan, Italy, 25-26 of November 2021

Connect with leading experts and learn about lifelong wellbeing

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Lifelong Wellbeing is about people, and the aspects of living that allow them to be happy. It’s found in positive mental health, in physical activity, in sustainable growing communities, and in simply feeling good. Vitacodis is devoted to placing wellbeing at the centre of our day-to-day lives.



Vitacodis is committed to delivering innovation in wellbeing. Through a unique curriculum of online education, experiential learning events, and purpose-built web technology, Vitacodis offers a comprehensive and versatile programme of wellbeing options for individuals, families, and companies.



People are the focus of Vitacodis research and activity. The company is proud to work with leading practitioners from across Europe and North America. Collectively, its network of experts has the breadth of expertise, depth of experience, and the dedication to wellbeing that customers need in order to feel well – and live a more positive life.



Vitacodis is a Swiss wellbeing education and technology company, founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in healthcare, wellness and educational services. Its mission is to connect wellbeing practitioners from around the world with a global audience – no matter where they’re located.



The company’s dynamic and talented team of specialists has built a best-in-class video learning platform designed to meet the specific requirements of Vitacodis clients and wellbeing practitioners. Desktop or mobile, a high-quality recording and streaming capability ensures that learning modules and personal consultations are delivered with crystal clarity, and robust functionality that maximises online interaction.



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