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Wellbeing Academy

Convenient online learning for a happy, healthy and positive life; accessible any time of day, from anywhere. Ideal for individuals, couples and families, our courses cover everything from physical and mental health to nutrition, finances, ageing, personal image and more.

Establish a positive mindset and develop productive daily habits with our extensive range of online training courses. Each course combines constructive theory with practical tips and advice from our experts in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Wellbeing Consulting

Effective online sessions with our wellbeing experts, tailored to perfectly suit individual needs. Join up and seek personalised advice for improved mental health, nutrition, fitness, body image, children’s health, family, social and financial wellbeing and more.

In today’s demanding world, it’s helpful to learn from skilled professionals, how best to deal with certain situations. Our one-to-one online consulting sessions cover a broad range of wellbeing related topics with wellbeing consultants from our network.

Wellbeing Retreats

Luxury wellbeing retreats designed to help participants explore all aspects of their health and wellbeing, with the added benefit of being in breathtaking settings. Hosted in luxury wellness hotels, our retreats encourage a whole body wellbeing experience.

Our holistic getaways feature a daily programme of group education meetings and one-to-one individually tailored consulting sessions. They’re combined with exercise and relaxation classes to promote improved physical and emotional wellbeing.

Featured Courses

Meditation is a personal practice and is accessible to each and every one of us.


Consulting by Caroline DesmaraisCaroline Desmarais
98 min
157 learners

Having a good understanding of exercise, can enhance your knowledge and interest in working out.


Bodyweight Exercise Instructor Emma TitelbaumEmma Titelbaum
189 learners

This course is therefore designed to uplift you from feelings of anxiety that come with using smartphones...


Cara de LangeCara de Lange
85 min
322 learners

Gone are the days of needing gym equipment to get your desired body shape.


Bodyweight Exercise Instructor Emma TitelbaumEmma Titelbaum
160 min
127 learners

Upcoming Events

Wellbeing Retreat Home Page Image

Wellbeing Retreat “Reset, Relax, Find Balance and Achieve Personal Success”

Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa, Algarve, Portugal
1st – 7th of May 2023

A week-long in the newly redesigned, Vila Vita Parc resort in Portugal’s Algarve region. With a focus on resetting and renewing, you’ll discover all the tools you need to find balance and harmony in your life. This retreat is designed to ‘give the body the break it deserves’.

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